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Learn about our Guidance Policy.

At All Saints Early Learning & Community Care Center, Inc., we believe that through the strong and positive interaction with adults and play, all areas of learning are supported. Promoting healthy social and emotional development, including self-control, is one of the fundamental responsibilities of our program. A child’s early childhood education period is crucial for children to develop their skills in controlling their feelings, attention, thoughts, impulses, and behaviour. It is during this period that children are learning about interacting with other and making friends. Together with our teachers and caregivers, we will teach your children the social-emotional skills they need just as much as they need to learn about personal hygiene or colours and shapes.

We know that when children are given the opportunities and support to develop (learn, practice, discuss, etc.), self-control and other social-emotional skills, it gives them the foundation needed for academic and life success. Our center supports their development through:

Our Environment

  • We provide your children with age-appropriate activities and the materials that they will need
  • We will create schedules that will be able to meet your children’s unique needs and keep them busy during the day
  • We will be flexible with our schedule and adjust it accordingly to your children’s interests and needs
  • We will observe how your children interact with their environment regularly

Our Teachers

  • They will strive to develop and foster a good relationship with your children
  • They will create opportunities that will allow and encourage your children to form relationships with their peers and work with them in resolving conflicts
  • They will always speak to your children in a calm manner, especially where there are redirections
  • They will acknowledge your children’s feelings
  • They inculcate stories in teaching your children about social interaction

Our Families

  • Will establish a regular communication between home and the school to make sure there is a consistency in guidance
  • Will create partnerships with us to work with all the children in the center, especially those who need a higher level of support and assistance
  • Will acknowledge and understand that All Saints does not believe in the expulsion of children because they are still learning. We will make sure that your children are safe and their needs are catered to
  • Will partner with emotional and social experts to create a solid foundation for your children’s success in school and in life

Our Children

  • Will be able to learn how to handle conflicts without physical or verbal violence involved
  • Will be able to develop their self-efficacy and self-confidence
  • Will be able to develop the skills that will help them control their emotion and behaviour

We are grateful that you have chosen us to support the development of your child. We are committed to each child’s emotional development, and so we do not dismiss children from our program because of concerns with behaviour.

If there are any concerns in their behaviour, we understand that children need time, practice, and support for them to be able to further develop their emotional and social skills. Should there be any serious behaviour concerns, we will contact professionals who can aid in dealing with children’s emotional and social health.

On rare occasions, we may work with families to seek the best care for their children if all parties agree that our program can no longer meet the needs of an individual child.